Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Just Wanted You To Know...

The Save The Pink Teacup Petition~ Photographs by Rachel Barrett

1. Why is the Pink Teacup closing?
Answer: Simple. Finances. Small businesses are taking a beating from this rough economy and PTC is no different. With no other financial outlets, the owner thought the best option should be to close.

2. Why is Team Teacup trying to keep it open?
Answer: We’re trying to keep it open for the same reason you are- We LOVE it! We also believe in the longevity of the brand and its profound impact on the lives of everyone it’s fed over the years. There is another reason too! While meeting with Vincent Pinkney, veteran manager of PTC for nearly 25 years, he shared with us his desire to purchase the establishment and his need for support.

3. Why should I donate?
Answer: We have a shot at keeping its doors open past January 3rd!!! Without ample funds to sustain The Pink Teacup, the economy wins and we lose 55 years of great food, memorable fellowship, cozy meals, and the place we have all grown to love.

4. What would my financial contribution go towards?
Answer: Your financial contribution will go towards supporting efforts to purchase the restaurant, overall short-term investment, restaurant renovations and a long term investment to have The Pink Teacup around for 55 more years!

5. What can I do?
Answer: You can show your support to keep PTC open by making a financial contribution. We like the kind that jingles but rather have the kind that folds. :-) You can also contribute your professional resources to assist in our community outreach, celebrity leverage or search for an investor.

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