Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed. In.

Photo by Rachel Barrett

NYC is under inches of snow but Team Teacup is still going strong!!!

We came off of a really strong week with PR! <---Thanks Workhouse! Buzz hit The New York Times, New York Mag and NBC New York! We also received loads of emails in our inbox from supporters wanting to help! Included in those emails was Melissa O'Donnell, owner of SALT. Melissa told us she's been a fan of PTC for years. PTC even catered Salt's 4th Anniversary Party! As a fellow restaurant owner, she refuses to see PTC leave. Needless to say she wants to do all she can to Save The Pink Teacup and is even going to rally a few restaurant owner friends too! YEAHHHH! We're excited to have her on board to share her talents and resources towards the crusade!

We now have just about 550 Facebook fans AND we are making a big splash with our Facebook $5 Save Your SOUL mini-campaign!!! Thanks again to all our donors so far! Now thru next Wednesday, we're urging all Facebook fans to drop $5 in our Paypal account to break the ice in our $100K fundraising goal. Even if you're not a Facebooker, please feel free to join our campaign with your $5 (or more) donation. :-D

FYI.....Planning for the January 3rd Celebration Fundraiser is coming along VERY well. 42 Grove Street won't know what hit it! :-D Details coming soon!

If you'd like to donate your time, talents or resources like Adam Nelson, Rachel Barrett and Melissa O'Donnell, please email us at:

Stay tuned here and on our Facebook Fan Page for details! Thanks again to all of our supporters !

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