Wednesday, June 2, 2010

URGENT: Save The Pink Teacup Campaign Donations

Hello Save The Pink Teacup Supporters,

You may have read the Pink Teacup is scheduled to re-open soon. However, we regret to inform you along with many other changes that have come to our attention, the generous financial gifts to keep the doors open have not been accepted by new owner, Lawrence Page. We are deeply saddened by his refusal and the message it sends to the restaurant's supporters.

We have documented the donations made throughout the campaign and on January 3rd, 2010 at the Save The Pink Teacup fundraiser. Those funds paid by check and via Paypal will be returned within the next 4-6weeks. If you do not receive the refund within that time, please contact us at

Those donors who rendered donations by cash on January 3rd, please contact us at by July 1st, 2010 to verify your name and preferred address to receive your refund. After July 15th, 2010, all unclaimed funds will be donated to the Bowery Mission, the non-profit soup kitchen that received leftover food during The Pink Teacup's earlier years.

Thank you again for your support to Save The Pink Teacup. If you have any questions regarding your donation/refund please feel free to send an email to the Save The Pink Teacup email address.

Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Team Teacup

*Refunds are not applicable to raffle winners*

*Please note the refunding of the donations is mutually exclusive of the restaurant's opening. It was the decision of the owner not to accept the donations. The plans to open the establishment are under the terms of ownership. Nevertheless, we always wish The Pink Teacup the best!*

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Pink Teacup WILL LIVE ON!!!

(L-R: Vincent Pinkney, Robert Harmon, Jr., Lawrence Page, Lisa Ford, Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Ezinne Kwubiri)
Photo by Rachel Barrett

Welllll WE DID IT!!!!! Team Teacup helped to SAVE THE PINK TEACUP!!!

We had a wonderful event last night with turnout from loyal patrons that put tears in everyone’s eyes. Former owner Lisa Ford graciously introduced new owners Lawrence Page and Vincent Pinkney to everyone. The moment was a tear jerker. Then when Vincent invited all of the Pink Teacup staff to come on stage, we all had to pass a box of Kleenex. We even had faithful Teacupper Alyson Williams stop by to give her warm blessings and sing us a tune.

Between, the passed hors d'oeuvres of collard greens, mac & cheese and fried wings and the grooves spun by DJ Tara, we could not contain ourselves. It was such an old school, SOULFUL good time!

Just last night we raised over $2,000!!! We anticipate a few thousands more once we close donations via Paypal next week. We are so very grateful to Lawrence Page for stepping up to the plate to answer the call to action we placed almost a month ago. Our efforts and your support are proof that small businesses have a solid place in this economy and help to make NYC what it really is!

Thank you to all of our donors, supporters, family and friends for supporting us in our efforts. Please check out Rachel Barrett Photography from the Fundraiser Celebration! Click: The Pink Teacup.

Stay tuned for The New Pink Teacup website! You can still reach us at:

Thank you again!

~ Team Teacup~

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The press release announcing the success:





Indie Film Maker and Restaurateur Lawrence Page, Saves a West Village Institution Again!


The Actor's Playhouse Theater
3 January 2010

“When I heard about the impending closing of The Pink Teacup, I knew it was my destiny to step up and save it” says Lawrence Page.

New York City—The Pink Teacup will live on! For the past few weeks Team Teacup has been aggressively calling on loyal customers and New Yorkers alike to petition against threats of closure due to financial constraints and to save this legendary soul food haven. The cherished eatery's hope for a Christmas miracle to save its collard greens was answered by Actor's Playhouse theater proprietor, Lawrence Page.

Page will partner with current Pink Teacup manager, Vincent Pinkney to own and operate the restaurant. They have plans to keep the staff of 15 who were in jeopardy of losing their jobs if the restaurant closed. Page is best known for his purchase and restoration efforts of The Actors' Theater Playhouse earlier this year. Page's partnership with Vincent to save the The Pink Teacup is consistent with his pledge to revitalize the West Village through salvaging it's staple institutions. At this time it is being determined if the 55–year-old West Village establishment located at 42 Grove Street in New York City will be relocated or remain in its current location.